Imagine Dance Music was developed by two dance studio owners who felt the need to liven up their preschool classes. Knowing that music is the number one driving force for dancers and the classroom, they dedicated their time searching for it, and the options out there were traditional and limited.

After a few years of studio ownership, they knew that without a thriving preschool program opportunity and studio growth was limited. With focus on the preschool program, they found out very fast that the need for exciting themes and music that would capture kids imagination, and that teachers wanted to listen to. Kids are living in a pop culture and they needed to find a way to stay relevant to keep them engaged.

Inspired by the energy that upbeat pop music brought to the classroom, they wanted to create kid friendly pop hits. They decided to partner with musicians and music producers to create original, fun & fresh dance music. This music is specific to the dance classroom using instructional lyrics and dance terminology.

After using this custom music in their studio for the past few years, it worked so well, they wanted to share the success with others. Imagine Dance Music is a perfect accompaniment to your current preschool curriculum.