Let’s be honest…how many times can you get your 3-5 year olds to practice their recital dances each week? Maybe only a few, right?! Here are a couple tips to help your young dancers perfect their recital routines better!

Did you know, incorporating choreographed songs throughout the entire season is great practice for working on memory, dancing with the lyrics, working on rhythm/counting & more! Keep your toddler & pre-school dancer’s attention and interest by mixing in songs that don’t feel like choreographed dances, but are technically the same thing. See a Tap and Jazz option below for choreographed practice songs that you can use all year long – use the videos for choreography ideas!

TAP “Do the Hop”: https://preschooldancesolutions.com/product/do-the-hop/

JAZZ “5, 6, 7, 8”: https://preschooldancesolutions.com/product/5678/

Another tip is to take some sections from your recital dance and add it into your warm-up with an instrumental song. They won’t even know they are practicing their dances, but you can get a lot more milage out of them this way! “Happy Taps” and “The Royal Princess” from our Tap and Ballet bundles are perfect beats for any choreography combination!