This combo is our Action Bundle & Ballet Bundle in one! Create a new program, enhance your already thriving one or easily train staff members with these 22 original hits.

Listen to Samples Below:

Smile Toes (2:08)
Ballet Town (2:56)
Ballerina Says (3:00)
Toy Doll Dancer (1:23)
The Royal Princess (2:17)
Sleeping Dancers (2:48)
Sleeping Dancers Part 2 (2:56)
Won't Stop, Don't Stop (3:31)
Billy & Ellie (3:12)
Funky Freeze (2:32)
Dance It Out (2:32)
Time To Move (1:47)
Good Morning Sun, Goodnight Moon (0:54)
Butterfly Catchers (0:49)
Pizza Baking Time (0:44)
I Love To Dance (1:30)
Ballerina Bags (1:25)
Plie Piano (1:54)
Twinkle Fairy Ballet (1:19)
Treasure Hunt (3:04)
Reach So High (3:46)
Magic Scarf (3:06)


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